Mobile Games
Relic Rumble
A mysterious cloud covered the atmosphere of the museum and rearranged the museums antiques collection. As the museum's watchman, use your flashlight to look for the outlaws, put everything back in place and collect hidden antiques. Restore the museum's glory. Awesome rewards await you!
Chief Almighty
Strategy Mobile Game in the Stone Ages. Explore the continents with players worldwide. The prehistoric lands are rich with resources and ancient beasts ready for you to explore and dominate. Organize clan mates, assemble ancient beast, awaken your leadership, lead warriors and ally Chiefs to be the Chief Almighty!
Bella Villa
Casual Games
A casual game launched in 2019. With a simple gameplay,match-3 mechanics, unique levels, diverse items, new style, suitable for all ages, distinct game characters, and a suspenseful plot. Join Bella and help her fulfill her dream! Restore the home's charm!
H5 Games
Girls X Battle 2
Girls X Battle 2 is an idle RPG game,containing hundreds of Anime Girls. Players not only need to focus on formation of girls, but also need to pay attention to girls’ improvements, additionally with unique gear and antiques to help your girl finish legendary battles.
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